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Garage Sale Finds: When (Fictional) Worlds Collide

When (Fictional) Worlds Collide

via Garage Sale Finds (garagesalin.blogspot.com)

I had intended to post the November 1978 issue of Women's Day magazine last month. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to, but I would be remiss if I didn't publish at least this article. It's a guide to building your kids a playset to go with their "spage-age" figures.  Please tell me someone's parents built them this awesome set.

I love the combined play action of Kenner's Star Wars figures with Mego's Micronauts and vehicles used in these shots.  I even see a dog and a cat thrown in there.  That was the way I always played with action figures.  It didn't matter if they were Mego Comic Action Heroes (DC or Marvel), Micronauts, or random figures out of a gumball machine.  Scale didn't matter either.  I made due. They all combined to create my universe.

The first image as separate pictures so you can see some better detail:

I never had store-bought playsets or anything as cool as this.  The best I did was gluing some Styrofoam packing pieces together  and combining with assorted cardboard boxes, but it was enough. Man, I spent some hours imagining great adventures.

SOURCE: http://ift.tt/1MSDfGf

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