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Vintage Singer Sewing Machine & Singer Deluxe Library Cabinet - $250 (Craigslist OKC)

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine & Singer Deluxe Library Cabinet - $250 (NW Oklahoma City)
This vintage Singer sewing machine will not only be a beautiful addition to your collection, it's ready to use! The motor works great and it comes with a working knee controller that turns up and out of sight when the sewing machine cabinet is closed —making it a workhorse of a sewing machine that can double as a laptop desk, library or serving table.

1926 Model 66 Singer sewing machine

I acquired this sewing machine and cabinet at an estate sale where the family told me it had been passed down through five generations. Judging by its condition, you can tell it was a well cared for family heirloom.

Based on the serial number, AA883648, this machine is a highly coveted... Model 66 Singer sewing machine with fancy scroll decals that really set it apart from other vintage Singer sewing machines.

Manufactured in 1926 at Singer's Elizabethport Factory in Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, I believe it was a treadle machine originally and was later converted to an electric sewing machine with a kit.

The sewing machine cabinet, which is in beautiful condition, appears to be the "Singer De Luxe Library Table No. 40." As far as I can tell it was manufactured sometime between 1926 and 1933 and still has the original finish. 

The center drawer of the De Luxe Library Table No. 40 cabinet has three compartments for attachments and sewing supplies.

I ran across a wonderful vintage Singer advertisement from the 1920's (see pic) describing the No. 40 Table/cabinet and Model 66 sewing machine as,

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"...the famous Singer No. 66 round bobbin machine, equipped with Singer Motor and Singerlight, and enclosed in De Luxe Library Table No. 40 shown and described on Page 13. This new combination of time-tested and justly popular Singer units will especially appeal to the many thousands of women who have used the Singer 66 as a treadle machine and prefer it to all others."
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I have a manual for the Singer Model No. 66 that I will be happy to send you via email if you buy the sewing machine and cabinet.

I'm Asking $250.00 cash for the sewing machine and cabinet together.

Details https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/art/4546574814.html


  1. I have this same cabinet with a vintage singer machine I purchased from a neighbor who was moving. The machine works perfectly, even though she stored it in a garage for over 20 years. Once I figured out how to thread and direct the bobbin counter clockwise, it sews with perfect stitches and tension. More than I can say about my $5000 Janome after it sits for more than a few months. In any case, I love this machine and the cabinet is beautiful in front of my picture window. I do have a question about the right drop leave, it does not stay up like the left side. the left side has a bar that slides out to brace it up but the other side does not. I cannot figure out how it is supposed to stay up (or maybe it isn't designed to stay up?). Does anyone know if this leave stays down or is there some trick to keep it up that I am missing? Thanks