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Secondhand shopping is "your ticket to the good life!"

Shopping secondhand is your ticket to the good life!
Who doesn't want a ticket to the good life?! I love Nicole Lapin. She's the only finance expert you don't need a dictionary to understand.

Craigslist's 13 Most Haunted Halloween Countdown

Here's an easy, entertaining read to get you in the All Hallow's Eve  spirit: The Top 13 Scariest Haunted Objects Ever Posted on Craigslist. These are 13 actual Craigslist ads selling everyday objects people claim are haunted, scary and even downright evil. Some of the Craigslist posters actually plead for someone—anyone—to come take the frightening object away!

FRIDAY FUNNY - Don't try this at home

The ONE time you Garage Sale on a Motorcycle...

I don't know if it's intuition or common sense, but something tells me this can't end well.

Garage Sale tips and a handy price guide to help you buy and sell seasonal items like a pro!

Seasonal Garage Sale Pricing Guide

Heads up!  Saturday is the best day of the year to buy and sell seasonal items!

"Knowing what to buy is only half your job as a consumer. The rest is knowing when to buy it." - Kelly Hancock, Faithful Provisions.

Everyone knows to shop on Black Friday for the best deals on new Flat Screen TVs and most bargain hunters wouldn't dream of buying a new mattress on any day except President's Day or Labor Day. But that's retail. For garage salers, the best days of the year to buy and sell second hand seasonal items are

CURB ALERT: Office chair (Edmond)

OKC Craigslist Curb Alert: Free stuff on the curb

CRAIGSLIST CURB ALERT OKC — (Free stuff on Craigslist!) — Office chair with good bones, but peeling faux-leather cushions. Free if you come pick it up.


Meanwhile, at a friendly neighborhood garage sale near you...