The eccentric billionaire's million-dollar Mystery Box

Eccentric billionaire's million-dollar Mystery Box
An eccentric billionaire, as eccentric billionaires often do, made a man an offer he couldn’t refuse. “If you can find someone in the next hour who will pay $100 for the contents of this box,” the eccentric billionaire explained while handing the man said box, “I will give you $1 million.”

Ewww GROSS! You got that at a garage sale?!

21 things to think twice about buying at Garage Sales

Cheap? Yes. But seldom are they bargains! Historically, these twenty-one items commonly sold at Garage Sales are often damaged, unsanitary or unsafe — and that could really cost you.

She had me at "Free Yard Sale printables"

Yard Sale Sign - Free printables

Download my very first FREE printable! It's two free printables in one — a free coloring page AND a free printable Yard Sale sign!

My friend Stefania is the artist who created this super cool Zentangle-inspired Yard Sale sign / coloring page.  Stefania is awesome.  She just

5 Essential questions to ask every Craigslist seller

5 Essential questions to ask every Craigslist seller

The secret to Craigslist is asking the right questions. When you master that, Craig and his list of 13,000 new classified ads and the thousands that post them every day are your oyster. Not sure what to ask?  Start with these 5 essential questions you should ask every Craigslist seller every time:

FRIDAY FUNNY: Michelle Obama's "Moving Sale"

Michelle Obama holding funny Moving Sale sign

(FRIDAY FUNNY) 300 minutes — barely more than two minutes per room — is all the time allotted for Barack and Michelle Obama's  final exodus from the White House residence today before President Trump . . .

HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN: Craigslist's 13 Most Haunted

Pssst...  Hey you! Over here.

Do you like scary Halloween ghost stories?  I mean really  scary — so scary they'll give you nightmares long after Halloween has come and gone?  Follow me and I will tell you stories you won't believe about haunted objects so frightening people actually posted Craigslist ads pleading for someone—anyone—to come take the objects away!

FRIDAY FUNNY VIDEO: Not really a Garage Sale Guy

Garage Sale Guy - Funny Video

No garage sale here, man. Nope.
Absolutely not.

FRIDAY FUNNY VIDEO — We all know someone like him. For most of us, it's our eight-year-old who throws a fit when he catches mom trying to sell toys that he's outgrown. Then there's "Garage Sale Guy."