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Woman torches her wedding dress at 'Divorce Garage Sale'

Onlookers cheered as a Texas woman joined the First Wives Club in a blaze of glory last week, burning bridges —and her wedding dress— at a 'divorce garage sale' where she sold all of her ex's belongings.

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300+ Hallmark Christmas Ornaments, Harmony Kingdom Collectibles & More Christmas Decor

Are you hooked on Hallmark? When you find vintage Christmas baubles at a garage sale, do you hear angels sing? Do you decorate every room in your house? Even the bathrooms?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...

ESTATE SALE TIP: Search these three rooms first

ESTATE SALE TIP: Best rooms to search for hidden treasure

After standing in line for seemingly an eternity, you're finally inside the doors of the Estate Sale you have been waiting for all week. Your adrenaline is pumping. You have no idea where things will be. Everyone is rushing around you in different directions. The treasure hunt is on... but where should you look first?

You have one hour to sell this mystery box and win $1 million dollars... Go!

Eccentric billionaire's million-dollar Mystery Box
An eccentric billionaire, as eccentric billionaires often do, made a man an offer he couldn’t refuse. “If you can find someone in the next hour who will pay $100 for the contents of this box,” the eccentric billionaire explained while handing the man said mystery box, “I will give you $1 million.”

GARAGE SALE FINDS: Priceless $8 Quilt

$8 quilt priceless garage sale find

"If only this quilt could talk."

Imagine you're browsing around a random garage sale when out of the corner of your eye, something unexpected grabs your attention. It feels familiar and upon closer inspection you recognize it as having once belonged to a family member who passed or, as in the case of this antique friendship quilt, to more than one deceased relative.

GARAGE SALE TIPS: How changing course can take you from Garage Sale Zero to Hero

Changing course can take you from garage sale zero to hero! - GARAGE SALE TIPS:

"Try this next time you go to a garage sale. I guarantee you will get better results because I've proven it myself!"

~ Kristi Kirk Trent, Craigslist Garage Sales

Which is worse? Seeing another garage saler make a beeline for the check-out table clutching a contemporary oil painting you almost bought?