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30 Signs it's Time to Declutter and Have a Garage Sale

30 Signs it's Time to Have a Garage Sale

You want your home to be living space  not storage space. Here's how to recognize when it's time to declutter and have a Garage Sale to make room for more of what you love.

Charming Farmhouse Printables Pack with Free Printable Garage Sale Signs, Price Stickers & Table Signs

Free Farmhouse printable garage sale signs, price tags, table signs

Did someone say, shiplap?

There's no denying Farmhouse Signs turn heads and our new Farmhouse style Garage Sale signs with shiplap backgrounds are no exception. Rooted in nostalgia and characterized by a mix of old and new, the fixer-upper Farmhouse style embodies everything we love about garage sales.

FUNNY CRAIGSLIST ADS: Worse than the Peloton ad

Why is this only offered to pregnant women when clearly it works for men with beer bellies, too?

FRIDAY FUNNY: Don't worry. it's not dirty. But if you think the Peloton stationary bike ad is sexist, wait 'till you see this!

40 Garage Sale Finds that make the cutest repurposed pumpkins

From bundt pans, beads and book pages to tea cups and tennis rackets, it's surprising how many common garage sale finds make wonderful repurposed pumpkins.

GARAGE SALE TIP: How to cut out the middleman and find awesome deals on authentic vintage

How to score awesome deals on authentic vintage

Sure, you can pick up a cool old ladderback chair at your local thrift store, or buy a pretty pair of vintage brass candle holders online at Ruby Lane. There's definitely satisfaction in choosing well, especially when there are so many choices. But nothing — absolutely nothing — compares to the thrill of discovering an unexpected vintage find on your own. The good news is it's totally do-able if you know where to look.

18 Good Reasons Why Priced Items Boost Garage Sale Profit

18 Good reasons why you should price everything at your Garage Sale

Whether or not to tag your garage sale wares with a price can be a surprisingly difficult decision.

Maybe you're leaning toward not pricing anything at your upcoming garage sale because you're running short on time. Or maybe you plan to put a price sticker on every individual item because that's what your Mom does at her garage sales.

Either way, a lot of garage salers strongly disagree with your choice.

GARAGE SALE HUMOR: Hurry there's a Yard Sale!

GARAGE SALE HUMOR: Hurry there's a Yard Sale!

Know the feeling? Thank you for sharing it! :-) This one went viral!