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How to Buy & Use Wicker Baskets as Stylish Storage & Chic Basket Décor

Guide to Buying & Using Cheap Baskets for Stylish Storage & Home Decor

Where to Buy them Cheap, What to Look for and How to Use Wicker Baskets to Add Storage and Style to Your Home

I have a confession to make. I'm a basket case. 

I'm absolutely crazy about baskets and basket décor. I love hanging baskets, wire baskets, wicker baskets, Easter baskets, pricey and cheap baskets.  I can't pass up a good deal on a storage basket to save my life and I'm inexplicably drawn to every Picnic basket I see.

Show Me the Money! Host Your Best Yard Sale, Ever

INFOGRAPHIC: Proven tips from a yard sale pro. This handy yard sale infographic tells you what you need to know in a nutshell to host a successful Yard Sale — everything from how to price and arrange yard sale items to how to advertise your sale.

Better Safe Than Sorry - 50 Ways To Prevent Garage Sale Theft

Better Safe Than Sorry

You could have knocked me over with a feather as I stood watching thieves drive away with a flatbed trailer load of things they stole from my Dad's estate garage sale.

GARAGE SALE PRICING: Price tag size actually matters, after all

Garage Sale Pricing: Price tag size Matters

How to use price tag size to maximize Garage Sale profits

(Kristi Kirk Trent | CRAIGSLIST GARAGE SALES.COM) - Before you start slapping little round stickers on everything in a mad rush to get it all priced in time for your garage sale, consider this: the right size price tags can potentially help you sell more.  It's true! Believe-it-or-not, with garage sale pricing, price tag size matters almost as much as the prices you mark on them. 

Repurpose political campaign signs faster than you can unload the dishwasher

Repurpose, Reuse Campaign Signs

Whether you voted Red or Blue, we all win when we elect to go Green.

Perhaps you like the idea of championing the environment and keeping your city beautiful. Or maybe you're looking to save a few bucks advertising your next garage sale. Either way, if you have 5 minutes and a political campaign sign, I have five quick and easy hacks you can use to turn it into a free garage sale sign.

Friday Funny - How to measure your fabric stash

Sounds about right!

36 Cool repurposed drawer pulls you can DIY with Garage Sale Finds

Repurposed Drawer Pulls, Knobs, Handles

Make your own Drawer Pulls & Knobs

(VIDEO + 22 Tutorials) — When you DIY,  hand-crafted furniture fittings — especially knobs and pulls repurposed from found objects— are not only a fun, cost-effective solution to missing or broken hardware, they're also a wonderful way to customize your furniture.