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101 Freebies to Give Away in Your Garage Sale Free Box

101 Ideas for Garage Sale Free Box Freebies

What Should I Put In My Garage Sale Free Box?

A Free Box is a magnet for Garage Sale shoppers. Fill a cardboard box with freebies; write "Free" or "Free Stuff" on the side in big, bold letters and set the box near the curb. You'll be amazed at how many people stop to see what you have to give away.

Cheap DIY Garage Sale Signs That People Won't Ignore (+ How To Make Them)

Effective DIY Alternative Garage Sale Sign

Effective DIY Alternatives to Costly Garage Sale Signs

Garage Sale signs can make or break your sale, but you don't have to spend a lot of money on them. Free printable garage sale signs and homemade garage sale signs done well, can be just as effective as the retail variety — without eating a big chunk of your profits. 

If you don't relish the idea of spending $25 - $50 or more on signs, take a look at these DIY alternatives. You probably have some of these materials sitting around your house ready and waiting to be repurposed into money-making, DIY garage sale signs.

Part II: Cheap DIY Garage Sale Signs That People Won't Ignore

Mannequin Garage Sale Sign
Because Unconventional Garage Sale Signs Capture Tons of Attention!


The large print giveth. The small print taketh away. 

When I first saw this tongue-in-cheek garage sale ad I was afraid 10-year-old girls eager to meet their idol would turn out in droves for this sale, only to be bitterly disappointed when Katy Perry didn't show.

50 Classic and Unexpected Basket Fillers We Think You'll Adore

50 Classic and Unexpected Basket Fillers

What Do You Fill A Decorative Basket With?

Decorative Basket Fillers — How many awesome yard sale baskets or bowls do you have squirreled away because you don't know what to fill them with? Well, you may want to dust off your favorites because you're about to discover 50 classic and unexpected decorative basket fillers you'll surely love.

How to Buy & Use Wicker Baskets as Stylish Storage & Chic Basket Décor

Guide to Buying & Using Cheap Baskets for Stylish Storage & Home Decor

Where to Buy them Cheap, What to Look for and How to Use Wicker Baskets to Add Storage and Style to Your Home

I have a confession to make. I'm a basket case. 

I'm absolutely crazy about baskets and basket décor. I love hanging baskets, wire baskets, wicker baskets, Easter baskets, pricey and cheap baskets.  I can't pass up a good deal on a storage basket to save my life and I'm inexplicably drawn to every Picnic basket I see.

Show Me the Money! Host Your Best Yard Sale, Ever

INFOGRAPHIC: Proven tips from a yard sale pro. This handy yard sale infographic tells you what you need to know in a nutshell to host a successful Yard Sale — everything from how to price and arrange yard sale items to how to advertise your sale.