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GARAGE SALE TIP: How to cut out the middleman and find awesome deals on authentic vintage

How to score awesome deals on authentic vintage

Sure, you can pick up a cool old ladderback chair at your local thrift store, or buy a pretty pair of vintage brass candle holders online at Ruby Lane. There's definitely satisfaction in choosing well, especially when there are so many choices. But nothing — absolutely nothing — compares to the thrill of discovering an unexpected vintage find on your own. The good news is it's totally do-able if you know where to look.

18 Good Reasons Why Priced Items Boost Garage Sale Profit

18 Good reasons why you should price everything at your Garage Sale

Whether or not to tag your garage sale wares with a price can be a surprisingly difficult decision.

Maybe you're leaning toward not pricing anything at your upcoming garage sale because you're running short on time. Or maybe you plan to put a price sticker on every individual item because that's what your Mom does at her garage sales.

Either way, a lot of garage salers strongly disagree with your choice.

GARAGE SALE HUMOR: Hurry there's a Yard Sale!

GARAGE SALE HUMOR: Hurry there's a Yard Sale!

I know the feeling.


GARAGE SALE TIP:  Fill a bag for a buck pricing

Garage Sale leftovers can be a real drag. After you put a considerable amount of time and energy into collecting clutter and dragging it out of the house, the last thing you want to do is drag any of it back in. After all, your objective was to get rid of all that stuff!  Of course, even the most successful — and lucrative — garage sales don't sell every item. This clever garage sale pricing strategy, however, can help you sell more than most.

Garage Sale Tip: Have spare chairs so shoppers will linger

Can you spare a chair?

If you've ever trekked half a mile from your car to a garage sale in 90-degree heat, you know an empty chair can be a welcome site. But it may surprise you to learn that Garage Sale hosts get more than gratitude in return for giving weary shoppers a place to sit down and recharge...

36 Inspiring examples of repurposed Junk Garden Art

36 Inspiring Examples of Repurposed Garage Sale Junk Garden Art

What better place to give old junk new life than in a life-creating garden? 

(VIDEO + 28 Garden Art Tutorials) What does an embroidery hoop, a bowling ball, a teapot and a kitchen colander have in common? It's all junk I've found at garage sales that's just begging to be repurposed garden art! 

I'm always searching for unexpected ways to repurpose Garage Sale junk and today I hope to inspire you with a video featuring 36 of the best junk gardening ideas I've found to date.

Thrift Store Shopping Tips: 7 dreadful thrifting mistakes and how you can avoid them

Thrift Store Shopping Tips - 7 Thrifting Fails

Which thrift store shopping mistakes do you make?