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Repurpose political campaign signs faster than you can unload the dishwasher

Unclaimed Political Campaign Signs

Whether you voted Red or Blue, we all win when we elect to go Green.

Perhaps you like the idea of championing the environment and keeping your city beautiful. Or maybe you're looking to save a few bucks advertising your next garage sale. Either way, if you have 5 minutes and a political campaign sign, I have five quick and easy hacks you can use to turn it into a free garage sale sign.

Friday Funny - How to measure your fabric stash

Sounds about right!

36 Cool repurposed drawer pulls you can DIY with Garage Sale Finds

Repurposed Drawer Pulls, Knobs, Handles

Make your own Drawer Pulls & Knobs

(VIDEO + 22 Tutorials) — When you DIY,  hand-crafted furniture fittings — especially knobs and pulls repurposed from found objects— are not only a fun, cost-effective solution to missing or broken hardware, they're also a wonderful way to customize your furniture.

30 Websites that Offer Free Garage Sale Ads

Free Garage Sale Ads Online

Looking for free Garage Sale Advertising online? You're Smart.

A lot of shoppers these days would rather browse sales online than go out and buy a newspaper. The good news is, most of the websites they browse also offer free garage sale ads.

Friday Funny: Garage Sale Leftovers

Trash bag full of leftover garage sale clothes

Or... you could make an appointment with the Salvation Army donation truck to come to you. ;-)

Tweak Your Garage Sale Ads to Attract More Shoppers Two Days In-a-Row

How to Tweak Your Garage Sale Ads to Attract Back-to-Back Sell-out Crowds

How you advertise two-day garage sales could mean the difference between a slow second day or back-to-back sell-out crowds.

(OKC CRAIGSLIST GARAGE SALES) - Hosting two-day garage sales is a good way to maximize profits—unless you're sitting in your garage twiddling your thumbs on the second day. (The horror!) Whether you're hosting a Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun event, to draw the most customers possible on both days of a two-day sale it pays to...