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City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales | May 17-19

"If I pass a neighborhood garage sale, my car actually turns itself into the neighborhood. I can’t even control it."  - Kelly, View Along the Way

Rise and shine Oklahoma! It's time for all of you able-bodied treasure hunters to get your garage sale on! The hubby and I are both injured, so we'll be warming the bench this weekend while trying to garage sale vicariously through whoever sends us video from their smartphone. <hint> <hint> I'm nursing a

Holy cow this Garage Sale haggler is hilarious!

Holy cow this Garage Sale haggling video is hilarious!
FUNNY FRIDAY VIDEO: Awkward and cringe-worthy, "I'm an Expert Haggler at Garage Sales" takes haggling to a whole new laugh-out-loud level.  It's one of those you've-got-to-see-it-to-fully-appreciate-it videos.

Citywide & Neighborhood Garage Sales | April 25-27

"The first morning is insane. People literally drive around the neighborhood waiting for garage doors to open and form lines waiting to check out." 
- Brian Anderson, TallySheetApp.com

Good morning friends and neighbors! :-) If you're crazy about garage sales,  break open your piggy bank and grab a straight jacket because this weekend will be insane!  I have 30 Community Garage Sales on the calendar for you — 7 City-Wide Garage Sale events and 23 Neighborhood Garage Sales happening in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa and throughout the state.

36 Inspiring examples of repurposed Junk Garden Art

What better place to give old junk new life than in a life-creating garden? 

(VIDEO + 28 Garden Art Tutorials) What does an embroidery hoop, a bowling ball, a teapot and a kitchen colander have in common? It's all junk I've found at garage sales that's just begging to be repurposed garden art! 

I'm always searching for unexpected ways to repurpose Garage Sale junk and today I hope to inspire you with a video featuring 36 of the best junk gardening ideas I've found to date.

City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales | April 12-14

City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales | April 12-14

Good morning bargain hunters! Who's up for a challenge?

I have 20 Community Garage Sales for you on this weekend's calendar — 7 City-Wide Garage Sale events and 13 Neighborhood Garage Sales happening in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa and throughout the state. Your mission, should you choose to accept it,  is to make it to as many Garage Sales as you can!

Garage Sale Finds: Neighborhood Garage Sales Pay Off

Great Finds: Neighborhood Garage Sale Haul
$683 Reasons to love thy neighbors' Neighborhood Garage Sales 
It pays to shop at Neighborhood Garage Sales. Check out the savings/profit potential of these reader-submitted garage sale finds!