Budget? Ha Ha Ha!

FRIDAY FUNNY — Not all Craigslist Garage Sale enthusiasts are frugal. In fact, online thrift store giant, thredUP, recently reported that 10% (...)

Eclipse Exit Poll: 5 Burning Questions

Garage Salers' Post-Eclipse Poll

Did you spare no expense? Or follow the path of frugality?

Garage Salers! Craigslisters! Thrifters and Flea Market aficionados! We want to hear from our peeps! The Great American Solar Eclipse has come and gone, but stories about the historic cosmic event are still making headlines. Here's a chance for you to tell yours.

GARAGE SALE TIPS: How changing course can take you from Garage Sale Zero to Hero

"Try this next time you go to a garage sale. I guarantee you will get better results because I've proven it myself!"

~ Kristi Kirk Trent, Craigslist Garage Sales

Which is worse? Seeing another garage saler make a beeline for the check-out table clutching a contemporary oil painting you almost bought?

CURB ALERT: Nice Desk Free!!! (OKC Craigslist)

OKC Craigslist Curb Alert: Free Gas Grill

(OKLAHOMA CRAIGSLIST #CURBALERT) — Free on the curb! — FREE, FREE, FREE!!! you will have to load yourself ... No delivery! First call first serve... approximately 34" X 60". Bring a helper. is very

15 Craigslist finds packed with Rustic American charm

15 Craigslist finds packed with Rustic American Charm

"I spy a Rustic American Craigslist buy."

CURATING CRAIGSLIST — Independence Day may be my favorite holiday, but it's living in Oklahoma that makes going all-out in celebration on the 4th of July a tradition I can really get behind.