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36 Inspiring examples of repurposed Junk Garden Art

What better place to give old junk new life than in a life-creating garden? 

(VIDEO + 28 Garden Art Tutorials) What does an embroidery hoop, a bowling ball, a teapot and a kitchen colander have in common? It's all junk I've found at garage sales that's just begging to be repurposed garden art! 

I'm always searching for unexpected ways to repurpose Garage Sale junk and today I hope to inspire you with a video featuring 36 of the best junk gardening ideas I've found to date.

36 Wonderful ways to give old junk new life in your garden

All of the junk garden art in this video is made from something you could easily pick up at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar.

Feeling inspired? Here's a roundup of junk garden art tutorials to get you started!

  — Happy Junk Gardening!      

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