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Holy cow this Garage Sale haggler is hilarious!

Holy cow this Garage Sale haggling video is hilarious!
FUNNY FRIDAY VIDEO: Awkward and cringe-worthy, "I'm an Expert Haggler at Garage Sales" takes haggling to a whole new laugh-out-loud level.  It's one of those you've-got-to-see-it-to-fully-appreciate-it videos.

When he doesn't get what he wants, the 'expert' haggler  calls the host "cheap" and threatens to tell all of her neighbors that she's a "very stingy yard-sale lady" (among other things.) It's actually an excellent how-to video — How NOT to haggle at Garage Sales!   ;-)

Let's talk after you watch it...

I’M AN EXPERT HAGGLER AT GARAGE SALES from holycowboy on Vimeo.

Did you laugh? 
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Who knew garage sale haggling could be so hilarious? (As long as you're not the one haggling with a customer over ridiculous low-ball offers, that is!)  Hats off to the director, David Harris and the actors, Matt Ingebretson (The Haggler) and Diane Sellers (The Garage Sale Host.) The actors' facial expressions alone made me bust out laughing!

The video is based on a short comedy by John Jory on McSweeneys.net. The entire piece is funny, but these bits really had me rolling...

My favorite lines

"That’s of no concern to me."
"I actually only have two quarters. Do you have eight cents in change?"
"As serious as a toaster."
"You’re coming across as a little cheap."
"Eventually. With your chair in my truck."
"I’m going to silently hand you two singles and three pennies, and, in turn, you will give me a slight nod, accepting the transaction."

Hilarious video about haggling at Garage Sales

Funny video of some hilarious haggling at a garage sale.

So tell me, what was your favorite part?

Do you like to haggle at garage sales? Have you ever faced a low-baller like this guy? Make my day and tell me your garage sale haggling story in a comment below.

I would love to hear from you. 

Happy Haggling!          

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