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CRAIGSLIST CURB ALERT: Free Sectional Sofa + 15 more curb finds you can get your hands on today

CRAIGSLIST CURB ALERT: Century Furniture sectional sofa on the curb for free

CRAIGSLIST CURB ALERT OKC — (Free stuff on Craigslist!) — This down-filled sectional sofa by Century Furniture is free to the first person who shows up ready, willing and able to take it home.

OKC Craigslist curb alert- free Century sectional

The Craigslist ad says the Century sectional would be "a good hound couch" so my guess is it's in pretty poor condition. Still, considering that it's Century Furniture, it's a sectional and it's curved, I think this may be one curb alert on Craigslist worth the investment.


The Century Furniture name is synonymous with superb quality. Even if you have to strip the sofa down to bare wood, this could be one of those  Craigslist finds where you still come out on top.

If you want to rescue the free Century sofa, or if you have any questions, please contact the owner directly via the original curb alert on Craigslist:

Here are Fifteen More

waiting curbside for you to take home for free:

Free Baby Grand Piano - Craigslist Curb Alert

» FREE Baby Grand Piano in good working condition. (I did a double-take when I saw it, too.)

Metal headboard, frame and mattress - Craigslist Curb Alert
» Craigslist Curb Alert - Metal headboard, frame and two-year-old queen mattress wrapped in plastic.

OKC Craigslist Curb Alert - Free 7' Mirror

» Curb alert for giant seven-foot wide mirror.

OKC Craigslist Curb Alert - Free Dresser
» Free 4-drawer dresser

Entertainment center and working tv - Craigslist Curb Alert
» Entertainment center and television - Craigslist Curb alert finds.

Large, heavy-duty metal desk - curb alert free stuff

» Large, heavy-duty metal desk - curb alert free stuff

Sturdy work bench - curb alert OKC

» Sturdy workbench - Curb alert OKC

Curb Alert! Free toys  on Craigslist Oklahoma City

» Free toys

Working window unit air conditioner - Craigslist Curb Alert
» Craigslist curb alert: Working Window Unit Air Conditioner

» Curb alert near me: Working 36" Sharp TV with remote control

» Free stuff on Craigslist - Nordic Track Elliptical

» Craigslist Curb Alert: Wood gate - very good condition

OKC Craigslist curb alert free landscape rocks

» Free landscape rocks

OKC Craigslist curb alert free couch
» Craigslist free stuff - White leather couch

» Free! Non-working upright player piano. It would be SO awesome if you could repair this piano so that it plays by itself again. If not, it's a perfect candidate for repurposing. I've seen pianos like this one repurposed into a really cool liquor cabinet, a bar, a stereo cabinet and a hideaway desk/home-office. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

** Hurry! Free stuff on Craigslist goes fast! **

NOTE: Always check to see if free items on Craigslist have been recalled.

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