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Here's a real find: Eddie Van Halen's Hot Rod is for sale on Craigslist

For Sale On Craigslist: Eddie Van Halen’s 34 Ford ( Oklahoma City Craigslist Garage Sales )
"It even comes with an autographed guitar from the band."
If you are a fan of the intricate guitar work that defined the eighties, you will no doubt be amped about this Craigslist find — a 1934 Ford four-door Hot Rod previously owned by guitar legend Eddie Van Halen.

The ultimate in Rock and Roll memorabilia, Eddie Van Halen's 1934 Ford Model 40 A even comes with an autographed guitar from the band. According to the Craigslist ad, both the car and Van Halen's guitar can be yours right now for the cool sum of seventy thousand dollars. (Valerie Bertinelli not included.)

CRAIGSLIST FIND : Eddie Van Halen’s car (Oklahoma City Craigslist Garage Sales )

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen in 1990

When Eddie Van Halen purchased the '34 Ford in 1990 he was recently clean and sober and his wife actress Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time, Touched by an Angel) was pregnant with their son, Wolfgang. But don't mistake this vintage four door Hot Rod for a square family man sedan. It was meant to be driven and enjoyed every bit as much as Van Halen's high revving guitar solos.

Check out what the guys at Bangshift.com had to say about it:

Eddie Van Halen’s 1934 Ford Is For Sale On Craigslist!

Eddie Van Halen’s 1934 Ford Is For Sale On Craigslist!

Imagine our surprise when during a normal hunt on Craigslist we found Eddie Van Halen’s 1934 Ford for sale in SoCal for $70,000. How cool would it be to fly in to SoCal, buy this thing, and then drive it cross country? It even comes with a signed guitar from the band.

The truth is, Eddie isn’t the current owner of the car offered on Craigslist, but who cares. If you buy this Craigslist find, in all of it’s ’90s glory, you can say that you own Eddie Van Halen’s 1934 Ford. You could be the only one who may be able to say that!

While the styling of Van Halen's car certainly includes some 1990’s cues, this is one clean ’34 Ford. If the 453 miles listed in the Craigslist ad is correct, it would certainly make sense since the interior is near mint. The paint on the car is near mint too, which couldn’t be more red.

Eddie Van Halen’s 1934 Ford
Eddie Van Halen's 1934 Ford Model 40 A
Our favorite part of this thing isn’t the arrest me red paint though, but rather the blown 350 under the hood. We know it’s a little blower, but those B&M mini blowers can make power and we’re sure it will do good burnouts. 

Blown 350 under the hood - Eddie Van Halen's 1934 Ford

Here are the specs from the craigslist ad. If you want to see the original listing on Craigslist, click the link below. 

Price: $70,000, trades accepted, best offers considered
Item Location:ANAHEIM, CAYear: 1934
Make: Ford
Model: Model 40 A
Mileage: 453
Engine: B&M SuperCharged 350
Engine Size: V8
Exterior Color: Guards Red
Interior Color: Cloth Tan
Transmission: 700r Over Drive
Differential Ratio: JaguarDescription:
Eddie Van Halen’s 34 Ford 4dr Hot Rod
( Come’s with a Guitar singed by the Band )

This is a 1934 Ford 4dr previously owned by
Eddie Van Helen Built in the early 90’s
This is a Solid well built car.

B&M supercharged 350, Custom full stainless Exhaust, Air Conditioning, Backed by a new 700r OverDrive trans. Sitting on a Set of Real Wheels and full independent suspension and full Jaguar rear conversion. The interior is in a beautiful tan cloth, with power windows, power seats, And a Killer sound system.

Full Jaguar rear conversion - Eddie Van Halen's car for sale on Craigslist
Interior - Eddie Van Halen's car for sale on Craigslist

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