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15 Craigslist finds packed with Rustic American charm

15 Craigslist finds packed with Rustic American Charm

"I spy a Rustic American Craigslist buy."

CURATING CRAIGSLIST — Independence Day may be my favorite holiday, but it's living in Oklahoma that makes going all-out in celebration on the 4th of July a tradition I can really get behind. 


Because in Oklahoma, no one questions your taste if your red, white and blue Independence Day holiday decorations are still up past the 4th of July. *  Even if you leave your favorite 4th-of-July stuff up year-round (depending, of course, on how well it's done) an Oklahoman is more inclined to admire your patriotism than brand you a redneck — especially if your patriotic July 4th motif depicts a shabby old American flag.

But, I digress.

4th of July Holiday Goods - I spy a Patriotic Craigslist Buy

The results of my Craigslist search for Rustic American 4th-of-July buys are surprising!

You might expect slim pickings shopping for the 4th of July holiday at this late date. But that's not the case on Craigslist. Just yesterday I found all kinds of Craigslist listings selling Rustic American and Independence Day related goods at deeply discounted prices.

What's surprising is why so many Americans pay full retail price for holiday items!

Here are just a few examples of the bargains I found:

This red, white & blue garden bench...

The metal star embellishments are a nice touch, don't you think?

Patriotic Garden Bench - OKC Craigslist Garage Sales

—  $150 on Craigslist (Oklahoma City)

This pair of patriotic flag holders...

Can you say, "Flags in finials!" three times fast?

—  $30 on Craigslist (Moore)

This "Blessed" wood mason jar box...

Handmade and nicely distressed. I love the painted mason jars and flowers!

—  $20 on Craigslist (OKC)

Primitive flag bunting...

These heavily distressed flags are awesome!

—  $10 on Craigslist (Texoma)

This Rustic American wreath...

Tea-stained flag, grapevine and bronze stars are perfect for the 4th... and who can say no to a burlap bow?!

—  $15 on Craigslist (Oklahoma City)

Beautiful "Old Glory" humidors...

Hand-crafted by a Veteran-owned company, each humidor holds 100 cigars.

I Spy a Patriotic Independence Day Craigslist Buy
—  $150 on Craigslist (Witchita Falls)

This super cute pair of demin shorts...

A long-legged beauty walking around in these would surely set off some fireworks

Independence Day themed denim shorts

—  $8 on Craigslist (Yukon)

These patriotic pewter plates...

Our founding fathers would be proud to be memorialized on such pretty plates.

—  $15 on Craigslist (Bethany)

A retired Longaberger Bear and his 4th of July picnic basket...

Collectible bear needs a (retirement?)  home.

—  $20 on Craigslist (Tinker AFB)

Oh Baby!

How adorable is this little 4th of July outfit?!

—  $30 on Craigslist. (Mustang)

Plus a Plethora of American Flags!

I found a number of wonderful hand-crafted. wooden American flags for sale on Craigslist ranging in style from Cottage and Shabby Chic to Rustic American. I'm a sucker for reclaimed wood (especially barnwood) and metal, so these flags are my favorite patriotic Independence Day Craigslist finds so far this year. 

Stars & Stripes with Unique Star Treatments

What's cool about these Old Glories are the unique Rustic American materials used to create the stars on each flag. The stars on the flag in the first photo are made from barbwire. The stars on the flag in the second photo are twelve gauge shotgun shells split in half and the third and fourth photos are different angle shots of  a Rustic American flag with 45 caliber brass bullet stars.
 The flags range in price from $25 to $50. 

Barbwire Stars

Stars are 12 gauge shotgun shells split in half.

45 caliber brass bullet stars

45 caliber brass bullet stars

Wait! There's more! I also found...

This nice American "Crate Flag"...

 A husband and wife team in S. OKC makes them.

—  $17 on Craigslist (Wichita Falls)

and THIS nice Rustic American "Pallet Flag"...

—  $25 on Craigslist (Oklahoma City)

There you have it! 

Where do you buy your Holiday stuff?

* I'm only half kidding


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[Editor's Note:] This is an updated version of the original post published in July 2015.

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