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Minnesota Twins Purple Rain Umbrellas are selling like hotcakes on eBay

Minnesota Twins Purple Rain Umbrella

KRISTI KIRK TRENT (OKLAHOMA CITY) — Prince fans worldwide, myself included, are tickled pink to see purple umbrellas popping up on Craigslist and eBay. Not your garden variety purple umbrellas mind you, but the ultra-cool promotional umbrellas given exclusively to Minnesota Twins fans  Purple Rain Umbrellas. 

June16th was "Prince Night" at Target Field in Minneapolis in honor of the late pop superstar and the Minnesota Twins pulled out all the stops paying homage to their hometown hero.

Target Field "Prince Night"
30,563 fans turned out for Prince Night and the Twins' matchup against the Cleveland Indians at Target Field.  (Image: Adam Bettcher)

Prince's music, played by the singer's former tour DJ,  pulsated throughout the stadium before the game and between innings. 

The Minnesota Twins made a surprise $10,000 donation in Prince’s name to the Minneapolis Public School System's music program.

During batting practice, Twins players sported purple t-shirts with the infamous Prince Love Symbol on them.

Players sporting Prince Night t-shirts
Prince Night t-shirts the Twins wore during batting practice are slated for charity auction. (Image: James Dozier)

Fans participated in a special Purple Rain moment in honor of Prince...

Twins Purple Rain Umbrellas
Prince's siblings made a special appearance on Prince Night.

Late pop superstar's siblings at Prince Night
Image: Adam Bettcher

There were Prince-themed fireworks bursting low in the sky, sparks of purple raining down.

Prince Night fireworks
Image: MLB.Vote

And the Twins treated the first 10,000 lucky baseball fans through the gates to a "Purple Rain Umbrella" that stole the show.

Image: Minnesota Twins

Aside from being very clever (a purple umbrella to shield you from purple rain) the Prince Night umbrellas look amazing! The outside is purple, of course, featuring the Minnesota Twins logo, the infamous Prince symbol and "Purple Rain" on opposite panels. It's cool, almost minimalist  — until you open it.

Image: Minnesota Twins

Inside is an unexpected explosion of color that brings Prince's iconic Purple Rain album cover to life.

Listen to the Purple Rain single now! Or, Download the free Amazon App to stream the entire album!

Special attention was paid to every detail right down to the umbrella's hang tag. One side commemorates Prince Night while the other instructs the holder to open the umbrella after the seventh inning stretch for a special moment in celebration of Prince.

The last line is priceless:

"After the moment ends, please close the umbrella."

Can you imagine how infuriating it would be sitting behind someone with an open umbrella blocking your view of the game? ...a free Purple Rain umbrella you missed out on, no less?! 

Still. I can't think of a more befitting stadium giveaway to celebrate Prince on the anniversary of his death. The only thing missing from Prince Night was a Minnesota Twins win. (The Twins lost 8-1 to the Indians.)

Image: YouTube

No word yet on the actual value of the  Limited Edition Prince Purple Rain Umbrella. The average price realized at auction on eBay hovers around $150.

And they're selling like hotcakes.

As of  June 26th, 109 of the Minnesota Twins Limited Edition Purple Rain Umbrellas have been sold on eBay. There are 26 more up for grabs HERE.

— Happy Bidding!

Do you collect Prince memorabilia? What do you think of the Minnesota Twins Purple Rain Umbrella? Make my day and weigh in with a comment below! :-)

Title Image Credit: Minnesota Twins

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