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Oklahoma: Sweet school surplus sale stocked and ready for winning bidders!

school bus surplus auctions

Government surplus auction supports Oklahoma school district

Every crafter worth her salt could use an overhead projector. And who hasn't dreamed of repurposing a school bus into a tiny homeLucky for us, Moore Public Schools is selling dozens of each during its annual school surplus auction at the district supply warehouse in South Oklahoma City.

(Map and directions at the end of this post.)

Government Auctions

"Technology is growing rapidly, and school districts are racing to keep up. But as classrooms become more advanced, school storage rooms become stockpiled with outdated equipment." 

There was a time when unwanted school supplies and equipment would simply be thrown out. Fortunately, educators today take advantage of government surplus auctions. Selling surplus school supplies and equipment at public auction not only keeps it out of the landfill, it's also fiscally responsible because auction proceeds go to the schools. Some schools even sell supplies and vehicles at government surplus auctions online.

Get More for your money at the Moore Public Schools Live Government Surplus Auction

Hundreds of surplus items are slated for the live government surplus auction in Moore this weekend, everything from Dodge Ram trucks, large equipment and commercial kitchen appliances to lockers, risers, desks, chairs and audio video equipment. Truckloads of surplus school supplies are also still arriving from throughout the district. With 34 schools and a student population of over 23,000, Moore public schools is the third largest school district in Oklahoma.

Who should attend a school surplus auction?

Depending on what's for sale, school surplus auctions typically benefit churches, day care centers, restaurants, repairmen, bakeries, caterers, artists, contractors, hobbyists, mechanics and others. 

There are also enterprising buyers who purchase tools and supplies by the pallet — as many as they can — and re-sell the individual items online for a profit.

If you know what you're doing, you could probably put together a pretty good computer system for just a few dollars. And homeschool parents could easily outfit an entire classroom from the surplus school supplies.

For some, the items on sale this weekend will be reminiscent of their own school days.

Here are just a few of the items you will find for sale at the Moore Public Schools Government Surplus Auction this weekend:

Government Surplus Vehicles Auction

Large equipment, Bobcat - Surplus Auctions Oklahoma

Case tractor, Bobcat, accessories - Government Auction

Stainless steel kitchen - Oklahoma equipment auctions

Commercial kitchen equipment - Oklahoma equipment auctions

Lighting - Government surplus auctions

Oklahoma State Surplus Auction

School bus surplus auctions

Surplus Auctions Oklahoma

Risers, lockers, tables - Government Surplus Auction

Government Surplus Auction - Moore Public Schools

See large photos and more items up for sale in Moore this weekend at the auctioneer's website: www.Barrys-Auction.com

Government Auctions

The annual auction at the Moore Public Schools Supply Warehouse is set for Sat June 10 at 9 AM. You can preview the items to be sold from 8 to 9 AM. Vehicles and large equipment will be first on the auction block at 9 AM.

What will you need?

  • Reference Books or a smartphone to research prospective purchases
  • Valid ID
  • Bidder Number or paddle (You'll receive one when you register.)
  • Cash, personal or company check with valid ID, Visa or MasterCard to pay for winning bids.
  • Transportation and/or manpower to take your purchase(s) home the same day. 


    Contact Barry at 405-826-7996 with any questions about the auction.

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