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HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN: Craigslist's 13 Most Haunted

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Do you like scary Halloween ghost stories?  I mean really  scary — so scary they'll give you nightmares long after Halloween has come and gone?  Follow me and I will tell you stories you won't believe about haunted objects so frightening people actually posted Craigslist ads pleading for someone—anyone—to come take the objects away!

~^^~ Halloween Countdown ~^^~

Top 13 Scariest Haunted Objects Ever Found on Craigslist

Whether or not you believe haunted objects exist is your prerogative. But there's no denying the owners of these 13 scary objects were haunted by excruciating fear. Here are the culprits, listed in order, with the scariest haunted object saved for last!  (Note: Should you find yourself feeling brave enough to laugh in the face of fear don't! Lest the same or worse fate befall you.)

Haunted Toaster - Halloween Countdown #13

13.  Haunted Toaster

Unless someone took this haunted appliance off her hands, I'm afraid this girl is toast!

Evil toaster ghost story / classified ad

Haunted Car - Halloween Countdown #12

12.  Haunted Honda Accord

The fact that this car was previously severed in two during a nasty illegal racing accident is scary. Even scarier? The Haunted Honda's asking price.

Haunted car ghost story / classified ad

Haunted Lawn mower - Halloween Countdown #11

11.  Haunted Lawnmower

The blades are sharp... the owner of the lawnmower -- eh, not so much.

Evil lawn mower ghost story / classified ad

Haunted Barbecue - Halloween Countdown #10

10.  Haunted Talking Barbecue

I don't know about you but I would definitely flip if some ghost got all gangsta up in my grill.

Toy barbecue ghost story / classified ad

Haunted Gnome - Halloween Countdown #9

9.  Haunted Garden Gnome

C'mon... who isn't terrified of evil gnomes?

Evil garden gnome ghost story / classified ad

Haunted Puzzle Box - Halloween Countdown #8

8.  Haunted Puzzle Box

Surely no one would be brave (or stupid) enough to attempt solving THIS puzzle. Whoever does is a real PINHEAD. (Pun intended.)

Evil puzzle box ghost story / classified ad

Scariest Haunted Chair

7.  Haunted Chair

Granny didn't actually die 'in' it, but she's still haunting the freaking chair!

scary chair ghost story / classified ad

Coffee Grinder Haunted by Timothy Leary

6.  Haunted Vintage Coffee Grinder

I'm not sure which scares me more, the haunted coffee grinder, Timothy Leary, or the picture above used to illustrate them.

coffee grinder ghost story / classified ad

Scariest Supernatural Telephone

5.  Haunted Supernatural Telephone

A heavy breather from the other side repeatedly rings this disconnected telephone at NDSU. He's looking to hookup with one of the drop dead gorgeous coeds murdered in Minard Hall.

telephone ghost story /  classified ad

Scariest Haunted Demon Gypsy Couch

4.  Haunted Demon Gypsy Couch

The asking price is anybody's guess. Is this couch free? Or will it cost me my first born?

Demon couch ghost story / classified ad

Scariest Haunted Coffee Mug

3.  Haunted Coffee Mug

This piece is way under-valued. I've seen haunted coffee mugs half as nice sell for twice that amount!

coffee mug ghost story / classified ad

Jackass star's crashed car parts

2.  Haunted Car Parts from Jackass Star's Crash

Former Jackass star Ryan Dunn and a passenger died five years ago in a fiery 130 MPH drunk-driving collision that scattered bits and pieces of Dunn's Porsche 911 all over a Pennsylvania road.  I heard people picked up the pieces, but I never dreamed some morbid jerk would dare pull a stunt like selling a shoe box full of the car bits claiming they're haunted by the late reality TV star. No doubt Dunn is rolling over the Porsche in his grave.

Jackass ghost story / classified ad

Here's the actual text from the morbid Craigslist ad:

"A week after the accident I went to the accident and scooped up minor parts I saw lying on the ground. The parts are all remotely tiny, and all fit in a shoebox.
I don't want them anymore because weird shit has happened since I put it under my bed. 
I guess it's because it's a weird thing to have, but I was a huge Jackass fan and thought it would be a cool something to have.
If you want proof they are his parts, I have pictures of the crash site I took myself."

Which brings us to #1 on our Halloween Countdown of the "Top 13 Scariest Haunted Objects Ever Found on Craigslist"

    —You may want to think twice before you—

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Haunted Object Ever Found on Craigslist

Scariest Most Haunted Halloween Pin

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