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DIY: How to Repurpose Salvaged Old Windows as Home Decor

DIY HOW TO: Repurpose Old Salvaged Windows as Home Decor

Few acts of repurposing have the visual punch of old window DIY projects.

Old windows - with and without glass - are frequent finds at garage sales and on Craigslist. If someone in your neighborhood is remodeling, you may even find their old windows stacked on the curb for free.

If you have an opportunity to salvage old windows, do it!

You can reclaim and repurpose old windows as inexpensive, functional decor for your home.

Reclaimed, upcycled, repurposed, vintage windows - Oklahoma City Craigslist Garage Sales

Salvaging old windows and upcycling them into something new is easier than you might think.

You can just hang and display old windows as treasured pieces of architectural salvage.

You can also turn old salvaged windows into repurposed furniture and home decor such as picture frames, wall art, room dividers, coat racks, pot racks and more.

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits of repurposing and restoring architectural salvage like an old window, there's something very satisfying about turning discards into beautiful, functional vintage pieces.

Decorating with old salvaged windows also adds vintage charm to your home, even if you live in brand new construction. Windows with divided panes of glass, especially reclaimed wood windows, look particularly charming.


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