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Garage Sale Tip: Have spare chairs so shoppers will linger

Can you spare a chair?

If you've ever trekked a city block from your car to a garage sale in 90-degree heat, you know an empty chair can be a welcome site. But it may surprise you to learn that Garage Sale hosts get more than gratitude in return for giving weary shoppers a place to sit down and recharge...

They get more sales.

That's because a few spare chairs strategically-placed at a garage sale is not only thoughtful and courteous, it also encourages shoppers to linger. And the more time someone spends at a sale — the more likely they are to spend money.

OKC Craigslist Garage Sales - Chair For Sale
Cane-seat chair for sale | Redick Family Chair Caning - Bethany, Oklahoma
$5 Garage Sale Find: Oak Banker's Chair
Oak Banker's Chair: $5 Garage Sale Find | House of Hawthornes

You don't need to use fancy chairs. In fact, any old folding chair or stool will do. But chairs you have for sale may be your best bet because you can kill two birds with one stone. (People like to "try" chairs before they "buy" them!)

Garage Sale sign posted on spare chair
This spare chair doubles as a garage sale sign.

What are the best spots for spare chairs at a garage sale?

Ideally, you should have at least one spare chair in front of the check-out table at your garage sale. (Two chairs would be even better!) If you can spare more, place a chair next to a big display of books or beside a play area with lots of toys.

Better still?

At my garage sales, I use furniture and home decor I'm selling to stage a "living room" on my driveway. It's a magnet for people driving by and shoppers are naturally drawn to sit on the furniture.

You also can't go wrong with an extra chair in a quiet spot under a shade tree. If you happen to see a man holding a woman's purse and walking around aimlessly at your sale, do everyone a favor and show him to that chair. ;-)

I hope this helps!

  — Happy Garage Saling!      

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