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GARAGE SALE TIPS: *This* is how you draw a crowd

GARAGE SALE TIP: Trick attracts crowd

Get More People to Stop and Shop at Your Garage Sale!

Let's face it. Nothing attracts a crowd like... a crowd. People driving by your garage sale are far more likely to stop and shop if they see a group of people gathered; it gives the impression there's something worth stopping for.

Today's Garage Sale Tip for Sellers is from Pam Detzk (a.k.a. "The Craigslist Queen.") A talented interior designer and author of the popular DIY design blog, "Simple Details," Pam is the undisputed Queen of decorating with Garage Sale and Craigslist finds to create stylish, yet comfortable spaces for family and clients in the Denver, CO area.

No. 2 on Pam's list of garage sale tips for attracting a crowd and negotiating for top dollar is rather ingenious and one you probably haven't heard before.

Garage Sale Tips & Tricks: Simple Trick Attracts Crowd

Pam writes:


1. Don't open your gate on time, allow an extra 5-10 minutes for people to start forming a little crowd, it makes everyone driving by all the more intrigued! (While they're waiting do some last minute pricing.) No gate? Use a piece of construction tape or rope across your driveway.

Garage Sale Tips & Tricks: Attract a crowd

2. Make sure they have something enticing to look at while they're waiting! I always set up a 'room' at the end of the driveway, it's what people see when they're driving by and deciding whether or not to stop."

Ingenious Garage Sale Tips: Craigslist Queen

Think of it like the velvet rope at a club

According to bestselling author and lifestyle expert, Bruce Littlefield, temporarily roping off the entrance to your Garage Sale is equivalent to the velvet rope at a club. He says it builds "a frenzy."

“I set up a rope across my driveway and a sign that says when the rope will be dropped," Littlefield writes in Garage Sale America,  "You get a crowd of people gathered there at your rope and create a frenzy over your stuff with competition to the right and left of them. When you drop the rope, people literally run to get the things they want.” 

Bottom line? To quote one of my favorite garage sale bloggers,

"The more people who a.) see your sale, then b.) choose to slow down when driving by your sale, and c.) actually get out of the car to have a look around your sale... the more you will sell."  

So, take a tip from Pam...

YARD SALE TIP:  Line up shoppers
Thanks Pam!

That's a trick I'm definitely trying at my next garage sale. Who's with me?!

What tips or tricks do you have for hosting a successful garage sale?   Please make my day and share your experience in a comment below!

—Happy Garage Saling!

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  1. Great idea! (As long as you don't make people wait very long!) I would be afraid it might make people mad, but Bruce Littlefield knows what he's doing. I think the sign announcing when you will return is an important detail.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I agree the "will return when" sign is an important detail. I neglected to mention that in his book Bruce Littlefield said you should return BEFORE the posted time. That leaves people with the impression you were early instead of late.