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GARAGE SALE TIPS: Cater to Hungry Shoppers


Having a Garage Sale? Here's a tip: Don't forget hungry Garage Sale shoppers could add an extra $100 or more to your final sales tally if you cater to them.

Don't forget the cookies and lemonade!

GARAGE SALE TIP: Baked goods sell extremely well at Garage Sales - often adding $100 or more in gross proceeds when there's a big turnout. Cookies and lemonade are warm weather favorites. People also love cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate when it's chilly out. 

But don't take my word for it. Check out what garage salers said in reply to a forum member at Dishboards.com who asked:

Do beverages and treats really sell well at yard sales?

"I am having a yard sale next weekend, and my son (age 15) wants to set up a table to sell pop, bottled water and snacks. He wants to make a bit of money on his own, and I appreciate his initiative, but I really don't know if it would be worth his time. So I thought I would check with you "real" yard/garage salers to get your take on this... what sells best, and how much do you charge for stuff?"

"If any of the items are things you would keep around your house for personal consumption after the sale, there is not much to loose." ~ HTH
"A couple years ago my kiddos (ages 7 and 9) sold rice krispie treats and lemonade and made $35+!!! Now it didn't hurt that they had a sign on the front of the table that read Please help us buy a puppy!"  ~ Clajgray
"Last summer my mother in law had a barn sale in the middle or a horrible heat wave. I think I made more money selling brownies, cupcakes and water than she did! I think I raked in almost $200!!! I had my wife run to the store twice in one day for cases of water." ~ Audrabolster
"...made around $100 selling canned soda, water and cookies (homemade.) If your yard sale is in cooler months...hot apple cider and coffee would be a good seller along with some individually wrapped biscotti and/or donuts. If you want you can put the donuts in individual bags (ziploc or wax bags) and seal them."
"We always make sausage biscuits. They sell out really quickly! We also sell cookies (2 or 3 in a baggie for 50 cents,) soda and bottled water. We sell out everytime!  :) I put the cookies near the checkout area. It never fails, most every kid will want a bag of cookies!" ~Kadesha
"I always do coffee, soda (in cans) and actually grill out with pre-packaged goods (hot dogs, Bubba burgers, wrapped cheese, etc.) plus donuts from local grocery, Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. Dollar per dollar, I make more on this than I do on actual garage saleing goods. I actually advertise it brings in potential sales and really seems to excite buyers." ~ Evil_Queen 
"I let my kids sell Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite for 50 cents at our garage sales, mainly to keep them out of my hair. They usually net around $15. Not much - but again, worth it to give them something to do. Of course, when Mom is hot and sweaty, do I get a free one??? NOOOOO!! I need 50 cents MOM!!!!" ~KBKIDS 
"My daughter ...sold water bottles and pepsi products. lol People were very generous, but she was only 5. She made around $100 in 2 afternoons. Seriously! She was only asking $1/ 1 liter bottle. And most people gave her the 'oh, your so cute $5.'"

Good luck with your Garage Sale Lemonade Stand! I hope this helps!

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