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City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales | June 9

A good neighbor—a found treasure. 
- Chinese proverb

Good morning treasure hunters! I hope this post finds you well — and dry.  How 'bout those flash floods in Oklahoma?! Phew! 3 to 4 inches of rain in 90 minutes is an unbelievable amount. My family and I were

fortunate to make it through the bad weather unscathed. My heart goes out to those who didn't.

And the sales must go on...

In true Oklahoma form, it appears the weather has taken a 180 degree turn and may cooperate today. The Garage Sale weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and only a 10 percent chance of rain. 

Of course, we still have to endure 95 degree temperatures (that feel like 115) and 50% humidity. (Yes, that's the actual forecast!) So be sure to take bottled water with you and wear loose fitting clothing.

City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales in Oklahoma | June 9

I have 17 Community Garage Sales for you on this weekend's calendar — one City-Wide Garage Sale event and 16 Neighborhood Garage Sales happening in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa and throughout the state.

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Happy Garage Saling!

Kristi Kirk Trent, OKC Craigslist Garage Sale Blog

City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales in Oklahoma on June 9th
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