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She had me at "Free Yard Sale printables"

Yard Sale Sign - Free printables

Download my very first FREE printable! It's two free printables in one — a free coloring page AND a free printable Yard Sale sign!

My friend Stefania is the artist who created this super cool Zentangle-inspired Yard Sale sign / coloring page.  Stefania is awesome.  She just

plopped down on the floor and drew it by hand without any forethought or planning and no example to go by except the vision in her head. The moment I saw it, I had to have it.

Now I want to give it to you!

I have wanted to offer free printables since I first discovered they were a 'thing' (and consequently became addicted to searching for stuff I could download for free.)  But I've never found a printable related to garage or yard sales that I felt was worthy.

Until now, that is.

Free printable yard sale signs

What do you think? !

Did I mention that not only am I addicted to yard sales and free printables, but I'm also crazy about coloring Zentangle patterns? It's easy to see why I saw 'free printable' written all over this! (Okay, I really saw Yard Sale written in big block letters filled with Zentangles, but you know what I mean.)

Free Printable Yard Sale Sign

The actual file that you can download for free is a high quality, digitized copy of Stefania's original Zentangle-inspired Yard Sale drawing. It's 600 dpi (4800 x 3600 px) which gives you the option to print  8 1/2 x 11" signs on your home-office printer or custom-order yard sale signs from a commercial printer ranging in size from 18" x 12" to 48" x 36".

Here's an extreme close up of the free printable yard sale sign:

Free Zentangle Coloring Pages

The black and white Zentangle patterns really pop off the page, don't they?  That's ultimately what you want in a Yard Sale sign. I also love that—despite being digitized—you can still see pen strokes and other small imperfections you would expect a hand-drawn yard sale sign to have.

But what if you prefer color signs? 

No problem! It's easy to add color to this free printable  even if you don't have photo editing software.

The trick to adding color without Photoshop

Changing the color of your free yard sale sign is as simple as changing the color of the paper you print it on. The outer background of the sign (everything but the letters) is actually transparent so whatever color paper you choose to print it on will show through as the main color of your sign. That's option number one.

Option two is a lot more fun.

Best yard sale signs, ideas

In keeping with the spirit of a Zentangle coloring page, may I suggest that you color it by hand? Yes, it's more work, but in my opinion, well worth it!

Animation - Free Yard Sale Signs

TIP: Stefania recommends using pastel color pencils instead of markers to color the sign because printer ink can dirty the color of the marker.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

—Happy Yard Saling!

Hey... One more thing before you go.

How did I do on my first free printables offer? Would you recommend this free printable yard sale sign to a friend? Your feedback is important! :-)

Email a copy of your hand-colored yard sale sign and I will share it for everyone to enjoy!

Do you like this? Be a love and Pin it, would you?   :-)

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  1. Very nice... I'm not having a yard sale anytime soon, but I still want to color the page! Thank you for sharing it... Love the blog. - Carol

    1. Thank you for your feedback Carol. :-) It's a pleasure to hear from you. I would love to see your finished masterpiece! Don't be a stranger! ~ Kristi