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SOLD * Outdoor Furniture - Vintage Wrought Iron Garden Chairs (NW OKC) $38

Outdoor Furniture - Vintage Wrought Iron Garden Chairs (NW OKC) $38

***** SOLD! *****

Create a beautiful, timeless patio or garden space with these vintage wrought iron Garden Chairs featuring wood slat seats and latticework backs adorned with flowers. Durable and classic, these wrought iron garden chairs are high on style, but built to last and require little maintenance. Asking $38 cash for each wrought iron Garden Chair separately.


What's really great about vintage wrought iron outdoor furniture is it doesn't have to be perfect. A weathered, distressed or 'Shabby Chic' look is a highly sought-after design style that can add character and warmth to many types of decor. Those in the know find used wrought iron patio furniture at garage sales, flea markets or online and either restore it at a fraction of the cost to buy it new; leave it as is; or distress it further. 

The bottom line is whether you choose to restore or refinish your vintage wrought iron outdoor furniture, it will add a touch of class to even an average garden. You'll find having a glass of ice tea in the spring, or a cup of hot coffee in winter is enhanced when enjoyed from a fine wrought iron chair.

vintage wrought iron Garden Chairs
wrought iron outdoor furniture
wrought iron patio furniture

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