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Sell this Garage Sale Mystery Box and win $1 Million Dollars!

Eccentric billionaire's million-dollar Mystery Box
An eccentric billionaire, as eccentric billionaires often do, made a man an offer he couldn’t refuse. “If you can find someone in the next hour who will pay $100 for the contents of this mystery box,” the eccentric billionaire explained while handing the man said box. “I will give you $1 million.”

Excited and frantic, the man propositioned every single person he could see. Young people. Old people. Men. Women. People who appeared to enjoy the finer things in life. People who appeared to live in boxes of their own.

As time expired, the man was pleading with a smiling gentleman who – unbeknownst to him – didn’t speak English.

Defeated and despondent, the man returned the mystery box to the eccentric billionaire. Worse, he had to witness the eccentric billionaire make the same offer to a woman who was passing by.

“Sure!” the woman exclaimed after hearing the details. “Can my husband write you a check?”

~'~ Now isn't that rich? ~'~

Mystery Box

SOURCE: http://beabetterblogger.com/

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  1. Absolutely priceless!

    1. Ha! Ha! I see what you did there... "priceless" You always make me smile B. Thank you. ~ Kristi