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Help from Garage Sale gurus...

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Garage Sale Gal

The Garage Sale Gal's Guide to Making Money Off Your Stuff by Lynda Hammond  (GarageSaleGal.com) is chock-full of how-to's, what to do's and pitfalls to avoid in selling (and buying) your stuff. Hammond gives advice on organizing and profiting from your own garage sales, how to successfully buy from other garage sales, appraisal values and negotiating with pawn shops, estate sales, antique stores, flea markets, eBay, Craigslist and Etsy.

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Garage Sale Gold

Named one of the Amazon Editors' Favorite Books of  2014,   Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold  by Ava Seavy (GarageSaleGold.com) teaches you everything you need to know about having a garage sale and making the most money. The book includes insights on selecting items for sale, pricing items, marketing and advertising your sale, and negotiating sale prices.

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Garage Sale Millionaire

The Garage Sale Millionaireby Aaron LaPedis, will change the way you see garage sales forever. Garage sales, thrift stores and storage auctions can be gold mines if you know what to look for and The Garage Sale Millionaire is packed with insider tips that will help you find lost treasures, hidden gems and coveted collectibles which, upon resale, can yield a fortune. Newly revised and updated, The Garage Sale Millionaire also tells you how to hold the greatest garage sale ever.


Used Furniture Value Calculator — If you know how much your furniture was worth when you bought it, the free used furniture value calculator at Splitwise.com can give you a good idea of what it's worth now.

Calculator - Garage Sale Resources
Percent Off Sale Price Calculator — Exactly how much cash will you need to buy the tufted headboard marked 75% OFF at your neighbor's garage sale? Use the free online calculator at Percentoffcalculator.com to quickly determine the final or discounted price in dollars (as well as dollars saved) when a percentage discount is applied.

Free Etsy Pricing Calculator by Craftybase — Quickly calculate how much you should charge for the products you sell on Etsy! The Etsy Pricing Calculator by Craftybase takes into account: price markup, labor cost, material costs, Etsy fees and margin.

Size/Style Cheat Sheets

Know whether it's a good fit or not whenever you find a bargain. Keep your loved ones' size and style info at your fingertips with these free printable cheat sheets from halfpintresale.com.

Virtual Room Planner

Free Online Room Planner   — The Make Room from Urban Barn is a free online room planner that you can use to find the right spot for all of your fab furniture finds in any room of your house! Instead of moving heavy furniture around to see what fits where, the Make Room web app allows you to re-create your floor plan and and furnish it with their example designs or from scratch. When you're done you can save your space, email it, or print it out and use it as a shopping list.

Free Shipping Supplies

USPS   — The United States Postal  Service provides free Priority Mail and Flat Rate shipping boxes and envelopes and free package pick-up.


Find Estate Sale Companies Near You — Whether you're downsizing or managing the estate of a family member, the free searchable directory at EstateSales.org makes it easy to find and hire an estate sale company you trust. Browse by state or enter your zip code to search and view the qualifications and experience of estate sale companies near you.

Vintage Market Events Calendar — Junk Fever (junkfever.com) is an online events calendar featuring upcoming vintage markets where you can find fabulous junk that's rusty, dusty, chippy and old. Just enter the two-letter abbreviation for your state in the search bar to see a list of vintage junk markets near you.

TheThriftShopper.com   — TheThriftShopper.com's National Thrift Store Directory makes it easy for you to find charity resale, second hand, vintage and consignment shops in your neighborhood and nearby any place you visit. Simply enter your zip code to find a thrift shop near you or browse more than 12,000 listings by State and City.

Flea & Farmer's Markets Directory — Market.shopify.com is an evolving list of markets searchable by state and city. Use it to scope out indoor and outdoor events in your neighborhood boasting fresh and organic produce, unique gifts, thrifted wares, antiques and other local goods. You can also sign up to be notified when new flea markets open near you. 

Craft Show Directory — With over 100,000 event listings, Craftlister.com is the ultimate craft show directory. At Craft Lister you can find upcoming local craft shows, fairs and festivals within a one-mile driving radius of your location, or browse craft shows by region and state. Craft Lister also maintains a directory of more than 150,000 crafters and artists, event promoters, venues for rent, exhibitors, food vendors, entertainers, and more!

Live Auction Directory — Find auctions in your zip code! At AuctionZip.com you can search by zip code, keyword or category to find a local auction to attend in person or access live auctions around the world and bid from your computer right along with bidders on the auction floor. ** Free account registration required to participate in live auctions.

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Which is your favorite Garage Sale Resource? Do you know of any other resources for garage sales or second hand shopping and selling that we should include? Please tell us in the comments below!

— Happy Garage Saling!


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