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FUNNY CRAIGSLIST ADS: To heck with the keyboard!

Heck with the keyboard - FUNNY CRAIGSLIST ADS

FRIDAY FUNNY - Shout out to William Fleming (Jayhawkindy) in Franklin, Indiana. Your sense-of-humor ROCKS! With just one tweet, you turned an otherwise ordinary ad on Craigslist into a really funny Craigslist ad worth sharing. Here it is, featured this week as our Friday Funny Craigslist Ad:


Who knows? Maybe it's a light saber... maybe it's light filtering through the crack of a doorway. Either way, it's good for a chuckle.

Thanks William Fleming!

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What funny Craigslist ads have you laughed about lately? Make our day and send a screenshot to   okc.garage.sale.craigslist@gmail.com,  or post a link below in the comments section!

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FRIDAY FUNNY CRAIGSLIST ADS - Heck with the keyboard!


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