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FUNNY CRAIGSLIST ADS: Couch has gone to the dogs

FRIDAY FUNNY: I hate to dog a fellow Oklahoman, but this Craigslist ad really bites!

Show of hands... how many of you are eager to buy this couch after seeing a photo of four dogs living on it?! When I look at this ad all I see is dog hair, dog dander, dog slobber, dog dirt, dog sweat, dog food, dog farts, dog fleas, dog pee and wet dog!  

I love dogs, but "only the dogs use it" is NOT a selling point. Colossal fails are funny. 

What funny Craigslist ads have you laughed about lately? Make our day post a link below in the comments section, or send a screenshot to   okc.garage.sale.craigslist@gmail.com!

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