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Neighborhood Garage Sales | June 16th

"Some ladies may get excited when Nordstrom’s is having a clearance sale, but my heart starts beating fast when I see signs posted for neighborhood wide garage sales."
- Amanda, lifewithamission.com

Hello friends! How was your week? I've been up to my elbows in poop. It's true what they say about French Bulldogs. They're very difficult to potty train. All I can say is it's a good thing Winston is so adorable! But enough about me. You're in for a real treat today.

One of my favorite Oklahoma City neighborhoods, the historic Miller Neighborhood, is having their annual garage sale starting at 8 am today. Located just blocks from the Plaza District, The Miller Neighborhood is a quaint, well-kept oasis of lovingly restored 1920's Tudor Revival style homes and Craftsman bungalows. On the National Register of Historic Places,  the neighborhood was developed in 1907 along what was a streetcar line on NW 12th and a planned streetcar line (on Miller.)

What can you expect to find?

Miller Neighborhood residents are family-oriented young professionals in their late 30's who enjoy movies, music, art, cooking, gardening and walking their dogs. So I would expect to find barbecue grills, golf clubs, lawn mowers, Keurig Coffee makers, antiques and vintage furniture,  replica Mid Century Modern, books, movies, baby clothes, toys and other items for sale that reflect those interests. There may also be scrap construction materials on hand.

City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales in Oklahoma | June 16

There are six more neighborhood garage sales today in addition to the Miller Neighborhood's, for a total of 7 Community Garage Sales on this weekend's calendar happening in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa and throughout the state.

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Tip: If you find a pair of sunglasses that you absolutely love but they're a little too loose, dab a bit of clear nail polish on the hinges to tighten them.

Happy Garage Saling!

Kristi Kirk Trent, OKC Craigslist Garage Sale Blog

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