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Neighborhood Garage Sales | April 6

Community Garage Sales | April 6th

Good morning Garage Salers! Or should I say, 'sailors?' If you live in Oklahoma, there's a 90% chance you'll be navigating through water on your way to garage sales today. The good news is... there are Garage Sales today! Winter has come and gone and the 2019 Garage Sale Season has finally begun.

As long as you don't drive into floodwater and there's no hail or tornados... what's a few thunderstorms between friends? ;-)

To kick off the season, I have 9 Community Garage Sales for you on today's calendar — 5 City-Wide Garage Sale events and 4 Neighborhood Garage Sales happening in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa and throughout the state:

City Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sales in Oklahoma | April 6

5 - 6Preston Woods Neighborhood Garage SaleTulsa, OK
5 - 7City of Dewey Citywide Garage SaleDewey, OK
5 - 7Sungate Neighborhood Garage SaleTulsa, OK
6Binger Town Wide Garage SaleBinger, OK
6Crossing at Rose Lake Neighborhood SaleClaremore, OK
6Tonkawa City Wide Garage SaleTonkawa, OK
61st Annual TSAS School Garage SaleTulsa, OK
6 - 13Perkins City Wide Garage SalePerkins, OK
6 - 13Ponca City Citywide Garage SalePonca City, OK

I'll update the calendar every week so you can be the first to know about new dates scheduled for city-wide, highway and neighborhood garage sales.

Please support these wonderful communities by sharing the City-Wide & Neighborhood Garage Sale Calendar with friends and family.

Happy Garage-saling!          

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